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Four major paths outline industrial transformation, and sewage treatment will usher in a new round of reshuffle

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Four major paths outline industrial transformation, and sewage treatment will usher in a new round of reshuffle

In recent years, as the pressure of water pollution has increased and the country has continuously strengthened its efforts in sewage treatment, the water industry has ushered in the spring of development. Especially after the introduction of the “Ten Water Measures”, the trillion-level market demand contained in it was detonated. For a time, it was eagerly pursued by investors from all walks of life, which also transformed the water industry into the “new darling” of the capital market.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, as the country gradually paid attention to environmental infrastructure, sewage treatment capacity and treatment rates have been steadily increasing. Since entering the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", with the vigorous development of the sewage treatment industry, the industrial chain has continued to extend horizontally and vertically, and competition has become increasingly fierce.

Welcome new changes in the sewage treatment industry: industrial integration is an inevitable trend

Wang Lizhang, partner of E20 Environmental Platform, gave a keynote speech on "Meeting New Changes in the Sewage Treatment Industry", analyzing the development background and current situation of the current sewage treatment industry and looking forward to the development trend.

Under the current background of internationalization, Internetization, capitalization and ecology, time and space are reconstructed, and the national and technological boundaries of competition have become blurred. The industrial chain of sewage treatment continues to extend upstream and downstream. Enterprises acquire municipal design institutes in the upstream of the industrial chain, hold shares in technical equipment manufacturing enterprises, and participate in downstream investment and operations. Industrial integration continues, and enterprises in the A and B squares are also moving towards

Environmental integrated service provider transformation. Ecological cooperation has become an inevitable choice for enterprise development today, and it is crucial to find one's own position in the value chain.

In terms of market, as of 2015, the urban sewage treatment rate has reached 90.8%, and urban sewage treatment plants are showing a trend of miniaturization. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, as the country's requirements for sewage treatment capacity further increase, according to the E20 Research Institute, urban sewage treatment capacity will reach 212.16 million cubic meters per day by 2020, with new investment exceeding 100 billion yuan. , and then

The scale of operations brought about is expected to reach 110 billion yuan. In addition, under the requirements of the "Ten Water Measures", "upgrading and transformation" has been put on the agenda, and the market space for upgrading and transformation of sensitive areas will also exceed 43 billion yuan.

Dean Wang Lizhang introduced that the future development direction of the sewage treatment industry has gradually become clear: 1. Further improvement of sewage treatment plant discharge standards; 2. Product-based operation of sewage treatment plants to reflect benefits; 3. From individual sewage treatment plants to regional water environment , and even the development of regional environmental comprehensive management projects such as sponge towns, and industrial integration is accelerating; 4. The rural sewage treatment market is gradually opening up.

High Standards: Standard Upgrading and Transformation and Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction

With the continuous upgrading of emission standards in the sewage treatment industry, traditional sewage treatment processes can no longer meet the increasing requirements of emission standards. Under the pressure of the "Water Ten" policies, the upgrading and transformation of sewage plants will become the industry's next two years. development trend. In addition, under high standards, energy saving and consumption reduction in sewage plants will become another development trend. However, due to problems such as equipment and processes, it still has a long way to go. The energy consumption of wastewater from different processes varies greatly, and few people have studied the energy consumption of wastewater from different processes.

Source "China Environmental Protection Network"

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