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High efficiency settling tank technology system of municipal sewage plant

The high-efficiency sedimentation tank is a high-efficiency water treatment structure integrating reaction, clarification, concentration and sludge reflux. It is divided into coagulation reaction zone, flocculation reaction zone, pre-sedimentation concentration zone, inclined tube separation zone and neutralization reaction zone. It has the effect of efficiently removing organic matter, colloid, suspended matter, hardness, alkalinity, TP and heavy metal in surface water and sewage. It has the advantages of high surface load, small footprint, insensitivity to fluctuation of raw water quality, high separation efficiency, low sludge water content,low effluent turbidity and stable effluent water quality, etc.It is widely used in the advanced treatment of urban and industrial sewage treatment.

Municipal sewage plant standard improvement and transformation process package, magnetic coagulation sedimentation tank process system

Magnetic coagulation technology adds magnetic powder to the mixing reaction tank and uses the magnetic field to enhance the degradation of pollutants in the water. The magnetic coagulation process has a good treatment effect on TP, SS and other indicators, and also has a removal effect on COD, algae, turbidity, etc. It has the advantages of good operating effect, small floor space, low operating cost, and strong impact resistance. It is very suitable for urban sewage treatment plant upgrading and reclaimed water reuse renovation.

Municipal sewage plant standard improvement and transformation process package, denitrification deep bed filter process system

As a currently mature deep treatment process, deep bed filter is an all-in-one treatment unit that integrates biological denitrification, filtration and phosphorus removal functions. One tank has multiple uses and has stable effects. The quartz sand filter layer in the unit has the effect of removing suspended solids and total phosphorus, and denitrification and denitrification are carried out in the filter when an external carbon source is added. The denitrification deep bed filter can be used as an advanced treatment process for secondary biochemical systems such as oxidation ditch, A2O and SBR processes. The effluent water quality can reach better than Class A discharge or Class IV water body standards.
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